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Could Your Stuffy Nose Be Due to a Problem with Your Teeth?

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Office
Could Your Stuffy Nose Be Due to a Problem with Your Teeth?Do you ever get a toothache just after a cold? Does the tooth ache seem to intensify when you do certain things, like jump around and bend over, but subsides when you sit or lie down? Then your tooth ache might be more closely related to your nose than you may think.


The sinuses are air-filled sacs that sit in strategic places in your face. There are 8 of them organized into 4 pairs sitting in the facial bones around your forehead, your eyes, and right behind your cheekbones.
These sacs are responsible for a number of tasks. They are responsible for cleaning the air that enters your nasal cavity by filtering it. They warm it first, moisten it, and then filter it. They are also responsible for producing the mucus that cleans your nose.

When the sinuses are blocked by too much fluid, they could potentially become infected and inflamed as a result, causing them to swell. That is what we call sinusitis.

The Relation with Teeth

The congestion and inflammation of the sinuses can cause them to exert pressure on the upper part of your jaw. Since that's where the roots of your upper teeth sit, this can lead to undue pressure on the teeth, leading to a toothache.

You can easily tell a sinus toothache apart from a regular one. The pain is mainly felt in the molars in your upper molars, is coupled with a stuffy nose and potentially a fever. The pain will also intensify when you engage in certain kinds of movement that increase the pressure on your teeth and subside when you're in positions that relieve that pressure. Other symptoms of sinus toothaches include nasal drip, halitosis, dry mouth, sore throat, a hoarse voice, the loss of taste and smell, and a host of other symptoms typical of a cold.

In case you experience a sinus toothache, we recommend that you come in for a checkup immediately so we can have a look at you and fix the problem. There is no need for you to endure the discomfort when a simple visit to the dentist will solve the problem!
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