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Can Dry Mouth Harm a Dental Implant?

Posted on 11/30/2019 by Office
Can Dry Mouth Harm a Dental Implant?Dry mouth may seem like it's not that big of a deal, however, dry mouth poses all kinds of oral health problems.

It's easy to ignore a dry mouth, especially when you have other things going on in your life, but dry mouth can be a serious danger for people with dental implants.

A dry mouth indicates a lack of saliva in the mouth. A lack of saliva in the mouth is a problem because saliva, among other important things, helps to clean the mouth. Our saliva is specifically designed to dampen the growth of bacteria in our mouth. A dry mouth allows bacteria to grow at an increased rate and can cause quicker tooth decay.

Understanding How Implants Work Helps

To understand why dry mouth can negatively impact dental implants, it's important to understand how dental implants function first. Dental implants are devices consisting of three parts, and they are typically installed to replace missing teeth, but they are also sometimes used to make support for other dental devices like dentures or bridges. When a dental implant is installed, a screw is attached to the jawbone which helps the dental implant sit firmly in the mouth.

The screw that attaches to the jawbone can be rejected by the body if infection takes place. Since dry mouth causes bacteria to multiply more easily, the risk of infection is increased, putting people with dental implants at risk for failure. Once dental implants fail, it takes a long time to be able to reinstall them. First, they must be removed. Then, the mouth will have to be completely cleaned and the infection must be removed. This process can take many weeks.

Because dry mouth poses such a serious threat to people with dental implants, we're always here to help with any questions. If you're experiencing dry mouth, give us a call to set up an appointment, and we'll be happy to do that for.
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