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Prepare Yourself When Traveling With a Toddler Who is Teething

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Office
Prepare Yourself When Traveling With a Toddler Who is TeethingTraveling with a toddler is not without its challenges. Meal times shift, normal schedules and routines are out the window, and long hours in the car or on a plane can make your child cranky and irritable. Now, imagine that you're traveling and you've just discovered that your precious tot is cutting a tooth or two. It can be every parent's nightmare. Being prepared can be the difference between a nightmare trip and a memorable one.

How To Prepare

Whether you're traveling by car or plane, if you know ahead of time that your toddler is teething and you're prepared, you'll be ready.

•  Chilled chew toys are a great teething tool, but you'
•  re obviously not traveling with your refrigerator. Keeping a cooler filled with ice packs and chilled chew toys can be a life saver. If you'
•  re flying, you don'
•  t need a big cooler on the airplane, so try packing an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack and a few toys. As one warms up, you can swap it for a chilled one.

•  Cold foods are another great way to cope with teething toddlers. Be sure to take along plenty of their favorite chilled treats. Yogurt or frozen fruit are easy to pack and take and if you'
•  re flying, call ahead and ask what kinds of cold treats they may carry on the plane. You may even score a popsicle if they have them!

•  Make sure you take along plenty of your usual over-the-counter teething ointment. These can be applied directly to the gums of your tot and can provide quick relief from the pain.

Remember that traveling with a toddler isn't always as easy as a walk in the park, whether they're teething or not. But the experience doesn't have to be miserable either. Hold your head high and even if you have a rough time getting there, remember that the memories you build on your trip will last a lifetime and are worth it.
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