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How a Missing Tooth Can Alter Your Face

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Office
How a Missing Tooth Can Alter Your FaceIf it were up to the individual, none of us would ever want to have to deal with situations where we lose teeth. It can not only be highly embarrassing, it can also cause a number of issues with everything from chewing to talking to simply smiling.

While most people are aware of the fact that missing teeth can affect the appearance of your face and the shape of your mouth, what most people fail to realize is that one lost tooth, even if it is not visible to others, can still change the way you look.

Jawbone Deterioration

Even a single tooth can begin to cause deterioration in the jawbone. This will negatively impact the strength and integrity of the bone in that area. If it continues to progress and is not corrected with a dental treatment to replace the missing tooth, it can continue to progress to the point where the cheeks start to appear sunken on the side of the face in which the tooth has been lost.

The Domino Effect

Something else that comes about as a result of a single missing tooth and the bone deterioration which accompanies it is the fact that, left untreated, it will virtually always lead to the loss of more teeth. Once this process starts and depending on where the teeth are falling out, you may begin to experience a number of visual changes in the face, particularly the mouth area. These include a sunken appearance of the teeth, as well as a protruding chin, among others.

Do not let the problem of a single missing tooth turn into a problem with multiple missing teeth. Get in touch with us as soon as you can by giving our dental office a call. We would be more than glad to help.
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