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Lip Piercings Can Damage Your Oral Health

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Office
Lip Piercings Can Damage Your Oral HealthWhile you may think a lip piercing is trendy, you may not realize that this type of adornment can negatively affect your oral health. If you have a lip piercing, you need to stop wearing the jewelry to ensure you don't harm your gums and teeth.

Why Lip Piercings are Bad

The jewelry worn when you have your lips pierced can scratch the gums and damage the enamel on the teeth. Therefore, you should not wear this type of jewelry if you wish to protect your gums and teeth. Moreover, with the lip pierced, bacteria can get into the opening, exposing you to infection. In addition, if the jewelry scratches the gum or soft tissues in the mouth, an infection can result as well. In fact, the risk of infection from piercings is often discussed in the dental field. When the pierced jewelry rubs against the gums or teeth, a good deal of damage can result. This type of contact wears away any protection provided by the teeth and gums. Also, piercings that come into regular contact with the gums can lead to gum recession. When the gum recedes, more of a tooth's root is exposed, which makes it easier for bacteria to accumulate.

Do You Still Want to Have Your Lips Pierced?

If you still insist on having your lips pierced, make sure the piercing is done by someone who knows what they are doing, so the piercing does not come in constant contact with the gums and teeth. If you already have piercings but still wish to wear them, take the jewelry out whenever you brush and floss, and do not wear the adornments if you get involved in a strenuous activity. If you wish to wear any oral piercings, whether on the tongue or on the lips, it is also important to account for your oral health.

Do you have oral piercings? Do you like wearing them? If so, make sure they are not doing damage to your teeth and gums. Schedule an appointment with us anytime for a dental consultation. We can check your gums and teeth to ensure they have not been damaged by any oral piercings you may have.

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