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How Does Thumbsucking Affect Your Child's Oral Health

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Office
How Does Thumbsucking Affect Your Child's Oral HealthMost kinds of thumbsucking doesn't necessarily damage your child's oral health, however, thumbsucking with a lot of moton could damage primary teeth. In contrast, vigorous and persistent thumb sucking tends to misalight permanent teeth and oftentimes, can also affect the shape of the mouth or jaw.

Moreover, thumbsucking can also have a negative impact on your child's oral health because their hands are exposed to a lot of viruses, bacteria, and dirt.

Long-term Effects

Vigorously suckng on a thumb can have long-term effects on your child's mouth and teeth. By placing repetitive pressure from their thumb on the roof of their mouth, jawbone, and teeth can cause overbite (when the front teeth incline out of the jaw), and misalignment of the jaw or teeth.

As a result of all of these problems, your child may develop a lisp or problematic speech patterns. However, do remember that these risks are only present in those children who suck their thumb vigorously.

What Can You Do

Most children begin developing permanent teeth when they are 6 year of age. However, by then, the damage will already have been done to their mouths. Ideally, children should break this habit when they are 2 to 4 years old.

Parents are advised to start scheduling regular dental visits as soon as their child turns 1. However, if you notice that their teeth are protruding out or if they are experiencing problems in biting their food, you should speak to a dental specialist.

The Final Word

Thumbsucking is entirely natural and is a reflex action that children pick-up before birth. However, if you notice your child sucking his/her thumb vigorously, it is your responsibility to help them break the habit.

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