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Dental Care for Seniors

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Office
Dental Care for SeniorsOur dental healthcare requirements change as we age, for our dental structure weakens, as does the rest of our body. As a result of the body's natural aging process, seniors are more likely to suffer from several dental problems, including tooth loss, tooth wear, periodontitis, oral thrush, dry mouth, etc. With proper oral hygiene, the majority of these can be prevented.

However, seniors are often unable to cater to the oral healthcare requirements because of limited mobility. Thus, we bring you an easy to maintain dental hygiene and care routine for seniors.

Dental Hygiene Requirements for Seniors

•  Switch to an automatic toothbrush- using a manual toothbrush can be difficult and tiring for seniors. They may also be unable to reach hard to clean areas manually, resulting in improperly cleaned teeth. Using an electric toothbrush can make cleaning the teeth easier while ensuring optimal cleanliness.
•  Use a mouthwash regularly – You should use mouthwash regularly no matter what age you are. However, it becomes an absolute must for seniors as it ensures there are no lingering bacteria in the mouth that can damage the dental structure.
•  Get frequent check-ups- Every individual should get biannual dental check-ups. However, we suggest seniors try to come in for a check-up at least thrice a year to ensure optimal dental and oral health.
•  Rinse frequently – We understand that going in with a floss may be very difficult for most seniors. You can either ask for help with flossing, or brush a little longer, or rinse your mouth frequently. You can even use a warm cloth to clean your teeth after you have brushed them to get rid of any remaining debris.

In case you use any dental device or fixture, such as dentures, you will also have to maintain them and clean them. If you are unaware of the recommended dental care requirements as per your health and age, visit us at Magnolia Modern Dentistry for a consultation.
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