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Overdentures Could Help Protect Your Remaining Teeth

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Office
Overdentures Could Help Protect Your Remaining TeethIf you have a few teeth left, and know you want full dentures, perhaps an overdenture is the best removable dental prosthesis for you. An overdenture is a complete set of upper or lower synthetic teeth which covers and rests on one or more remaining teeth. It looks like a denture on top but is supported by one or more natural teeth which serve as an anchor for the overdenture. It can also be secured on the roots of natural teeth. Additionally, the overdenture can sit on top of dental implants. Since the overdenture rests on something, it provides more support. The support system of an overdenture surpasses traditional dentures as traditional dentures can easily slip around on your gums.

Overdentures and Your Remaining Teeth

This type of overdenture rests on your natural tooth structure. Oftentimes, in this scenario, we may recommend a root canal on each remaining tooth which will take out the nerve of the tooth. Further, we would like to shorten and shape each tooth, so it fits properly under the denture. Lastly, we would want to fit your remaining natural teeth with a metal casing to attach to the denture.

Keeping your teeth is beneficial. Your teeth can serve as natural anchors and keep the overdenture in place. The long-term success of the tooth supported overdenture depends upon the proper attachment selection.

Give us a Call

Overdentures have other benefits as well. They can help to reduce the shrinkage of surrounding bone. Overdentures can easily be converted to complete dentures if needed. If these benefits along with the idea that overdentures could help protect your remaining teeth sound interesting to you, maybe it is time for you to give us a call and make an appointment to discuss the feasibility of overdentures in your situation.
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