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How to Change the Shape of Your Tooth

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Office
How to Change the Shape of Your ToothOur teeth are on the receiving end of a lot of pressure and use. It is no surprise, then, that they can become damaged, chipped, or broken. The initial panic that may set in when you hear you have a damaged tooth might be a lot, but try not to panic. There are many procedures and ways to fix your tooth. Here are a few ways to fix your damaged or injured teeth.

Which Procedure for My Teeth?

One of the more easy and inexpensive dental procedures is something known as dental bonding. The process of bonding smooths out any edges or rough parts on the tooth, while still leaving in almost completely intact. This is best used when the damage to a tooth is very minimal. This procedure only works when the damage to the teeth is not extensive.

If there is more extensive damage to a single tooth, a dental crown might be better. A crown, just as the name suggests, is a top put on a tooth to restore the natural contour, sharpness, and shape of the tooth that has sustained damage. This has the added benefit of keeping the tooth from further damage. If there is more damage to a tooth, and a dental crown will not cover it all up, you might need a veneer. A veneer is essentially a small shell placed around the tooth so that the sides have the same integrity and strength as the top. This helps with the overall appearance of the teeth.

Finally, there is countering, which removes small bits of enamel on teeth so as to encourage a certain growth or shape in one direction. If you feel you might need any of the above procedures or have a tooth that feels jagged or damaged, please contact our office.

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