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What is the Purpose of a Linus lift?

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Office
What is the Purpose of a Linus lift?A sinus lift can assist because it adds bone to the area between your molars and upper molar, increasing the quantity of skeleton in the maxillary teeth. To make room for the bone, the septal lining must be raised higher hence the procedure's name. For more information, make an appointment with us by calling us today.

How Is Sinus Surgery Performed?

Now, we'll go through what to expect during surgery, so you're assured before your sinus lift. The following is a basic timeline of activities that happen during septal surgery: The gum tissue is sliced by the operator. The muscle is lifted, revealing the bone beneath. A tiny circle is carved into the bone by the doctor. The doctor puts a bone graft into the maxillary sinus and elevates the orthopedic element into position. The doctor closes the wound. The recuperation phase begins. Your dentist will install your implants 6-14 months following your sinus lift procedure. This gap allows the new bone to integrate with your old bone properly. The time it takes between your operation, and the placement of your implants is determined by how much tissue you require. Your dentist will inform you when they will be able to install your implants.

What Happens Before a Sinus Lift Operation?

If you have sinus raised surgery, your dentist will first decide where the extra bone will come from. The following are the three most frequent kinds of bone utilized in sinus lift surgeries: Autogenous bone comes from your own body. Allograft bone is corpse bone. Xenograft: a cow's bone. If the bone is from your own body, it will come from somewhere else in your mouth or body.

After that, you'll need to have X-rays. X-rays allow the physician or dental professional to examine your jaw and sinuses to determine precisely what you want. If you have more questions on Sinus Lift, seek a medical guide, or call our office today.
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