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Have You Heard of These Dental Crown Myths?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Office
Have You Heard of These Dental Crown Myths?Dental crowns are an excellent alternative for those with severe tooth damage. These oral appliances help protect and strengthen weak teeth, giving them the ability to function properly. Dental crowns prevent the need to have your tooth extracted, making them reliable restorative dental treatments.

However, as much as dental crowns are ideal restorative dental treatments, there are many myths surrounding them. These myths can be misleading. To avoid such cases, it is important to know some of the myths associated with dental crowns and whether they hold.

Dental Crowns are Only Meant for those with Poor Oral Hygiene

Given that those with severe tooth cavities commonly use dental crowns, a myth associates dental crowns to only those with poor oral hygiene. However, this is not true. Dental crowns can be used by anyone, even those that practice excellent oral hygiene. These appliances are used to repair teeth that have suffered an injury.

Dental crowns are sometimes used to hold together a badly fractured tooth. Furthermore, these appliances can also be used to protect teeth from the effects of tooth grinding. All these injuries have nothing to do with oral hygiene. They are beyond your control, regardless of how thorough your oral hygiene is. Therefore, the idea that dental crowns are only meant for those with poor oral hygiene is not true.

Dental Crowns Look Fake

Some people also think that dental crowns look fake. This is not the case. Typically, dental crowns are made of porcelain. This material resembles your teeth in shape and color. They perform functions almost similar to your teeth and help restore your smile. With them, you will be able to chew food properly. Contact us for more information on the myths associated with dental crowns or any other questions you may have.
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