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Anthropology and Dentistry

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Office
Anthropology and DentistryWe all know what average dentists do but some dental specialists do not work in the medical field. Anthropological dentists are important in solving crimes mainly in identifying bites. The bites are however difficult to say whether a person is guilty or not. The bite marks are not unique like fingerprints and few things can change how a bite looks like. Forensic dentists can easily identify who a tooth belonged to by simply looking at different characteristics or consulting with dental records.


The anthropological dentists are good for they can show how your teeth look like and say much about you. The dentist can tell what you eat and can tell your habitat by just looking at your teeth. If you visit an anthropological dentist, they can study your teeth and recommend the best diet for you. They will look at the teeth' structure and arrangement and other aspects and help you determine what you need to stop eating.

Anthropology and investigations

Anthropological dentists are vital in dentistry for they can also help in the identification of people who are dead and not identified by other body parts. The dentist can study the jaws, the structure of the teeth of a dead person and determine who it belonged to. They have been involved in criminal investigations by government agencies and they play a vital role. They also help in the identification of lost relatives for people who have been missing for many years. Anthropological dentists are also vital in helping families look for their lost people by looking at and matching tooth structures.

Visit us and our anthropological dentists if you have issues in knowing what diet fits you more and also if you are having the task of identifying lost relatives.
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