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What does RCT mean

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Office
What does RCT meanRoot canal therapy(RCT)is also known as endodontic therapy and it involves removing infections from the teeth so that you will not get future infections.The root canal is part of the tooth and is a hollow section of the tooth that contains nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells known as pulp. The tooth has roots and a crown part. The crown is above the gum and roots are below, where it attaches to the jawbone.

Root canal cleaning

RCT involves cleaning the canal, the dentist removes everything in the root canal. You will be under anesthesia when the dentist is performing the root canal procedure. A small hole is made on the surface of the tooth and all the infected pulp is removed with small files.

Filling of root canal

The dentist disinfects the canal after cleaning it and shaping using tiny files. Rubber-like material is used to cement and seal the canal completely. After RCT the tooth is dead and has no pain or sensitivity this is after removal of the infected pulp.

Adding crown or filling

Since there is no pup the tooth receives nourishment from the ligament that attaches to the bone. By adding a filling or crown the tooth is more brittle and stronger. Root canal treatment will heal you from having dental cavities and dental caries which lead to tooth decay. To keep away from these avoid intake of sugary food or acidic foods that can erode the enamel of your teeth causing decay.

Our dentists will perform the RCT if you have infected teeth, our main aim is to keep your dental hygiene optimal. We will educate you on things to do to avoid dental cavities and how to take care of teeth after RCT.
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