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Dentures - Complete and Partials
Yuba City, CA

Rendering of removable partial denture available at Magnolia Modern DentistryIt is easy to get embarrassed when you are missing teeth, but what if you did not have to go through that embarrassment? At Magnolia Modern Dentistry we have an easy solution to help fix your missing teeth problem. Dentures – both complete and partials – help replace your missing teeth and restore your self-confidence.

The Difference Between Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete dentures, as the name suggests, replace all of your teeth in an arch – whether upper or lower. While the process is detailed since we have to remove all of the teeth and let your mouth heal, it is a viable solution for patients that are not a good candidate for Dental Implants. Complete dentures give you a full set of teeth to help you live your life as you did before.

Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth. The removable appliance gives patients the tooth replacement they need when they are out in public or need to eat, but the comfort of removing them when necessary too. Partial dentures are great ‘placeholders’ to ensure that your remaining teeth do not shift and take over the empty space in your mouth.

Life With Dentures

Do not picture your grandparents or other ancestors with dentures, as that is not the dentures we offer today. Dental technology has come a long way and dentures benefit from that technology. Today’s dentures are comfortable and effective. They allow you to eat most of your favorite foods, as well as talk and smile with ease.

The nice thing about dentures is the ability to remove them. This is especially important when you first get them. Your mouth will take some time getting used to the new appliance. Removing the dentures at nighttime gives your mouth time to relax and heal. Luckily, though, you can eat most of your favorite foods, taking care to avoid foods that are too hard or sticky, though. We recommend that you start slow with foods, choosing soft foods first and working your way up to chewier foods as you get used to the complete or partial dentures.

Cleaning Dentures

One of the most important things you can do for your dentures is clean them, just as you clean your natural teeth. You want to remove all bacteria and debris to avoid the risk of decay or infection. Our staff will walk you through the proper cleaning procedure so that you can keep your dentures in great shape or many years.

Our dentists are experts in choosing the right denture option for you. We will go over all of the pros and cons of each type and even explore other tooth replacement options for you. We know that this is a big decision in your life as it affects almost everything that you do.

Same Day Dentures and Repairs

Call Magnolia Modern Dentistry at (530)671-1770 today to ask questions about dentures or to set up your consultation. Our staff will happily answer your questions and get you set up to start the process of your tooth replacement.

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At Magnolia Modern Dentistry we have an easy solution to fix your missing teeth problem: dentures. We offer complete and partial dentures. Call (530) 671-1770 today.
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