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Laser Dentistry

Laser technology at Magnolia Modern DentistryDental technology has come a long way in recent years. In fact, at Magnolia Modern Dentistry, we use today’s technology to help our patients have the least invasive procedures possible. We do this by offering laser dentistry. This method of dentistry offers quicker healing and less time in the dental chair. We love helping our patients get the dental work done that they need without the anxiety that comes along with many dental procedures.

Can you Get Laser Dentistry?

Most patients are good candidates for laser dentistry. We often recommend it for patients that have a dental phobia or those that tend to take a long time to heal after dental procedures. Laser dentistry involves much less cutting and drilling, which helps our patients that have sensitivities to the look and sound of standard dental tools. Because there is less drilling and cutting, we can typically cut the healing down for our patients.

The most common procedures that we use laser dentistry for are treating tooth decay, gingivitis, and root canals. We sometimes use it to conduct biopsies of suspicious areas that we find during an oral cancer screening as well. Laser dentistry is also great for cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening or frenectomies.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of laser dentistry are numerous. Most importantly to most patients is the lack of drills and complex dental tools. We also tell patients that the lack of cutting through the mouth’s tissues means less bleeding and faster healing times. Many patients can go on with their daily routine after a laser dentistry procedure.

Many patients also do not need much anesthetic when we use laser dentistry. If we do have to administer it, the amount is usually much less. This means a few things. First, you can go about your day without the numb feeling that anesthetic causes. You can also eat and drink shortly after your procedure without the worry of embarrassing dribbles going down your mouth.

Laser dentistry also helps those that have a major fear of the dentist get the necessary procedures completed. Many people that fear the dentist would rather avoid coming in for an appointment and deal with the issues than get them fixed. This only makes the problem worse, making the necessary procedures become even more invasive. Using lasers, though, we are able to get most anxious patients into the dental chair and through the necessary procedure to save their oral health.

A Caring Dentist

Our dentists are caring, gentle, and effective. We understand the anxiety and pain that dental procedures can cause, but we do our best to minimize that for you. We go through each procedure with you and let you know your options, especially if laser dentistry is an option for what you need done.

If you need dental procedures completed, but keep putting them off, call Magnolia Modern Dentistry at (530)671-1770 for your appointment. Our staff will walk you through the procedures, help alleviate your anxiety, and get your oral health back on track.
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Magnolia Modern Dentistry uses today’s latest technology to help our patients have the least invasive procedures possible. We do this by offering laser dentistry.
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