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Oral Cancer Screening

Red ribbon for bringing awareness to oral cancerAn oral cancer screening is the best way to catch oral cancer in its earliest stages. At Magnolia Modern Dentistry, we offer effective screenings on an annual basis, or more frequently if necessary, to help you catch oral cancer as early as possible.

Oral cancer is one of those diseases that does not show symptoms until it is in its latest stages. Unfortunately, at this point, it could be hard to completely overcome the disease. Our dentists are trained to catch even the smallest signs of the disease early during your regular exams, to help you get the treatment you need to overcome cancer.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

The oral cancer screening itself is non-invasive. We use this time to give your mouth, neck, and face a thorough evaluation. We look for anything out of the ordinary, such as lumps, lesions, or any other areas of concern.

Our dentists look inside your mouth carefully, but we also feel around the outside of your jaw, cheeks, and neck. If we feel anything suspicious, we will carefully evaluate the area and decide what steps we should take next.

As a part of the screening, our dentists will also ask you a series of questions. The answers to these questions help us determine what steps to take. If you noticed an area of pain or you feel a lump, this is the time to tell us, and we will pay close attention to that area. The questions will also pertain to your lifestyle. For example, do you smoke or drink? Do you chew tobacco? Also, do you have a family history of oral cancer? The answers to these questions help us during our screening.

Who Gets an Oral Cancer Screening?

Even if you think you are not at high risk for oral cancer, we will still offer an oral cancer screening annually. An annual screening helps ensure that there are not any early signs of the disease that we could catch and treat in its earliest phases.

The people that are at the highest risk of oral cancer may have a more frequent need for oral screenings. This includes anyone that heavily drinks or smokes, anyone with a family history of oral cancer or anyone that has excessive exposure to the sun. Because the screening is non-invasive, there is nothing to worry about. You are in better hands if you have the screening done routinely.

After the Oral Cancer Screening

Once we finish the oral cancer screening, we do one of two things. If we did not find any issues, you go on with your life until the next screening. If we found a suspicious area, we may suggest further testing to determine what steps you must take to determine if it is cancer. Our dentists will walk you through every step.

If you have not had an oral cancer screening lately, call Magnolia Modern Dentistry at (530)671-1770 today. Our staff will schedule your appointment and walk you through the simple process.
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