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Porcelain Crowns
Yuba City, CA

Rendering of jaw with a dental crown at Magnolia Modern Dentistry in Yuba City, CAAt Magnolia Modern Dentistry, we can help you have a restoration that blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth. The porcelain crowns used today provide an amazing aesthetic while also providing a strong durability in dental restorations. With advancements in technology and material, porcelain ceramic has become the preferred material with dental crowns. We know that you’ll love porcelain crowns because they can be textured and shaped to match the appearance of your natural enamel. Additionally, porcelain possesses the same translucent and light-scattering properties seen in natural teeth. Let us show you how we can improve your oral health while enhancing your look with porcelain dental crowns.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a shell that we can use to cover and surround your tooth. They are a fixed prosthetic, meaning it’s adhered permanently to the natural tooth. Dental crowns can be used to:
•  Strengthen Teeth: When a tooth becomes damaged or weakened, we can provide a shield, a layer of strength to the tooth is a tooth shaped crown. Protecting your natural tooth structure and root is important to your jaw health. We can use a dental crown on teeth that have been cracked, broken, weakened following root canal therapy or if a tooth has been subject to a large amount of decay.
•  Enhance Teeth: Sometimes, we can have teeth that have a less than perfect look. Having a dental crown made to have that perfect appearance can be a great option. With a dental crown we can help teeth be larger to fill gaps, straighter without braces, longer or shorter to be more even, and cleaner or brighter. Crowns can give you the teeth you want without the years of braces or other treatments. You can also inquire about dental veneers or dental bonding.
•  Restore Teeth: Using a dental implant, we can restore missing teeth with dental crowns. A dental implant is a replacement root that we surgically insert into the bone. We can then cover the implant once it has fused to the bone with a dental crown for a perfect, permanent tooth replacement. Dental implants can also be used with other prosthetics including a dental bridge or denture.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Depending on the work being done, in general, dental crowns are placed over two office appointments. At the first appointment, we will discuss treatment options, if the patient decides to move forward with a dental crown, we will create a mold of the area to capture the bite, size and fit. We will also discuss any changes that the patient may want, such as evening out to other teeth or widening to close gaps. This information is sent to a dental lab for fabrication. During this same appointment, we will reshape the original tooth to receive the new crown and a temporary crown will be placed.
In certain circumstances, a porcelain crown can be fabricated and placed on the same day. Same day dental crowns are made possible thanks to CAD/CAM software and an in-office milling unit. Using a block of porcelain ceramic, our computerized milling machine fabricates your crown onsite.

Your second appointment is for the placement of the crown. If your crown was milled onsite, this will occur the same day. If your crown was fabricated at a nearby lab, it can take about two weeks. We will remove the temporary crown, clean the area, and then dry fit the crown for placement. Any modifications can then be made to ensure a perfect bite. Once properly fitted, the crown is then permanently adhered with a strong bonding cement and then cured with a blue light. Your new crown will be strong and durable. It should last many years.

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