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Tooth Extractions
Yuba City, CA

Woman with tooth ache getting treatment at Magnolia Modern DentistryAt Magnolia Modern Dentistry, our goal is to save your natural teeth, but sometimes things happen and we just cannot save them. When this happens, our dentists are here for you with our gentle extraction process. We know that no one wants to hear that they need a tooth pulled, but our process is simple and painless, allowing you to get on with your day without the troublesome tooth bothering you. Once the tooth is extracted, we can offer tooth replacement solutions such as dental implants and dental bridges.

How Extractions Work

Our dentists are experts at helping you relax during the extraction process. If you have any anxiety about it, please let us know so that we can walk you through the process. We also encourage our patients to wear headphones and listen to something soothing while we conduct the procedure.

Extracting a tooth is a common procedure we perform regularly. It starts by administering anesthetic to numb your mouth. Once we do this step, you should not feel anything else. We typically start with a topical anesthetic to make your mouth numb before we administer the anesthetic via needle.

Once your mouth is numb, we can remove the tooth. You should not feel any pain at this point. Typically, all you will feel is slight pressure as we pull the tooth out. If the tooth is not impacted, it is a simple process that heals quickly. Once we remove the tooth with our extraction tools, we seal the area. This helps your blood clot and allows you to heal quickly from the procedure.

The Risks of Extraction

Like any dental or medical procedure, there are risks to having a tooth extraction done. The side effects are minimal and rare. Most commonly, you will feel a little numbness from the anesthetic and may have some bleeding, which you should be able to manage with the gauze we provide.

In rare cases, excessive bleeding or infection can occur. If you are unable to stop the bleeding or you feel as if the area is swollen, come see us right away. Our dentists know how to treat both issues quickly and effectively so that you do not experience any long-term effects from it.

One last risk is dry socket. This occurs when a blood clot does not quite form, which leaves your jawbone and nerve exposed. You will know right away if this happened to you because you will feel intense pain and be able to see the bone and nerve of the tooth. If this is the case, call our dentists immediately as they can help you treat the issue. Luckily, less than 5 percent of patients ever experience this issue.

How Extractions Help

Tooth extractions help when your tooth is excessively infected or decayed. It helps eliminate the issue from your mouth, keeping the rest of your teeth in good condition. If an infection or decayed tooth is left untreated, it could start to affect the integrity of your entire mouth, making the treatment even more invasive than the extraction.

Call Magnolia Modern Dentistry at (530)671-1770 today to learn more about extractions and how we can help you with your dental health issue.
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At Magnolia Modern Dentistry, when we can't save your natural teeth, our dentists can offer you our gentle tooth extraction process. Call us today at (530) 671-1770
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